Bridges of Cooperation: Civic Sector and Public Administration for a Sustainable Civil Society – One year review of the program

Since December 2018, Partners Albania is implementing the project: Bridges of Cooperation: Civic Sector and Public Administration for a Sustainable Civil Society, aiming to improve the climate of cooperation between the non-profit and public sector, through identifying and offering services that can be provided by CSOs to the public sector.

In this context, this year Partners Albania improved capacities of 17 CSOs through a series of training, technical assistance, and mentoring program. 


Capacity Building and Mentoring Sessions

An intensive program of 4 training and 47 individual mentoring sessions focused on Organizational Assessment on fee-for-service, Market analysis, Strategic Marketing, and Business Plan Development, contributed to designing the most suitable business models related to product/service to deliver for the public administration and businesses.


Intensive Training Programme

A 3-day intensive training with the topic “Providing Services for Public Administration”, presenting to participants the methodology and techniques on how to identify services that they could provide to the public administration, how to set up, communicate and offer them and how to set their price and how to keep this model.



Speed Dating Event

Following previous successful events, Partners Albania organized on October 16th, in Tirana the event “Presentation of Entrepreneurship Models – Partnership with Business and Public Sector”.

The speed-dating event gathered 35 representatives from the non-profit, private and public sectors, serving as a great opportunity to CSOs to create connections and networking with other sectors, a perfect way to present their entrepreneurship initiatives and explore partnership building with regards to the sustainability of their business models.


Study Visit in Slovakia

A 5-day study visit designed as an exchange program among mentors of Partners Albania and Partners Slovakia served as an opportunity to share good practices and expertise across countries, aiming to improve the cooperation between CSOs and public administration with regards to public funds. This knowledge will be transferred through mentoring sessions dedicated to the CSOs participating in the program, to promote good relations and mutual partnership across the sectors.

Bridges of Cooperation: “Civic Sector and Public Administration for a Sustainable Civil Society” project is implemented by Partners Albania for Change and Development in partnership with Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia, and is funded by Slovak Aid – Official Development Assistance of the Republic of Slovakia.