Call for Engagement of Experts in the Roster of Trainers/Coaches of National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania

Partners Albania for Change and Development is looking for experienced training and coaching experts at the national and international level, to extend the network of collaborators in various fields of services and support to civil society organizations in Albania through the National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania.

We invite all interested experts with experience in training and coaching of NPOs in the areas below, to send their expression of interest.

  • Organizational development and governance;
  • Accountability, Responsibility, and Public Trust in NPOs
  • Legal framework governing non-for-profit organizations in Albania;
  • Financial management and reporting;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Project proposal writing;
  • Project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Organizational sustainability, fundraising techniques and alternative revenue sources for nonprofits; (i.e. Crowdfunding, collaboration with the private sector and philanthropy etc.);
  • Revenue generation (SWOT analysis on products/services, business and marketing plan development);
  • Effective and strategic communication of CSOs;
  • Mobilization of Constituency, Sector and Cross-sector Collaboration, Networking and Coalition building;
  • Advocacy and lobbying;
  • Participatory governance and effective participation tools in policy-making;
  • Solidarity and volunteering – EU voluntarism programs.


Read the full TOR below

Terms of Reference for Engagement of Experts in the Roster of Trainers/Coaches of National Resource Centre for Civil Society in Albania Download