Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Call For Proposals in framework of CAUSE project

Partners Albania for Change and Development has opened the fourth round of the Call for Proposals, within the sub-granting scheme of the project “C.A.U.S.E. – Confiscated Assets Used for Social Experimentations”.

See below the answers for most Frequently Asked Questions with regard to this Call.


Question 1: Can a foreign organization apply in this call for proposals as an Applicant or as a Co-applicant?

Answer 1: Referring to the Guidelines for Applicants, section 2.1.1. Eligibility of Applicants, in order to be eligible to apply for a grant under this call, the applicant must:

(1)        Be a legal person;

(2)        Be a civil society organization, registered as an NPO, according to the Albanian legislation;

(3)        Be established and acting in the territory of Albania;

The same criteria apply to the co-applicant if any.


Question 2: Regarding co-financing; can a foreign organization contribute partially or fully the amount of 5%?

Answer 2: Yes, co-financing of 5% (partly or fully) can also be provided by a foreign organization. Payments within the project, as part of this 5%, should be carried out by the account of the implementing or co-implementing organization.


Question 3: Is there a property guarantee in terms of administration? Is the risk of using the property from an organization assessed for the next five years?

Answer 3: The three available properties of the project CAUSE – “Use of Confiscated Property for Social Experiments” are under the administration of the Agency for the Administration of Sequestered and Confiscated Properties (AAPSK). By order of the Minister of Finance, the decision-making authority for the confiscated property of organized crime, Order no. 4, dated 8.5.2017, and Order No. 306, date 12.11.2018 “For the transfer of confiscated assets available to CAUSE Project – Use of Confiscated Property for Social Experiments”, these properties are made available to the project, to be used free of charge by NPOs for a period of 5 years.


Question 4: Will the organization be able to invest in property premises during project implementation?

Answer 4: Referring to the Guidelines for Applicants, section 2.2. Eligibility Costs, Section: Eligible Costs, “They are necessary for the implementation of the Project (including reconstruction costs for the infrastructure rehabilitation of the confiscated assets and purchase of equipment)”, the organization may invest in the confiscated property during the project.

All three confiscated properties subject to this call for applications need infrastructure interventions, so applicants are encouraged to include project activities and costs that aim at infrastructural renovation that will serve the project implementation based on their real estimations.

Question 5: What happens to the property after the completion of the project? Can it continue to be in use by the organization?

Answer 5: If the project will guarantee sustainability, implementing organizations have the opportunity to submit to the AAPSK, in accordance to the procedures of the Agency, a request to extend the contract for another period.


Question 6: Will the audit costs be included in the project?

Answer 6: Yes, audit costs by an external auditor should be included in the project. Budget Line 5.3. Expenditure verification/Audit, in the Call Budget format for Applications.


Question 7: What should be the maximum amount for administrative and human resources expenditures in the budget?

Answer 7: The amount foreseen for administrative expenditure in the budget should not exceed 5% of the total eligible direct costs. Budget Line 8. Administrative costs (up to 5% of the total direct eligible costs of the Action) in the Budget Form for Applications.

Human Resources Expenditures should be consistent with the number of staff provided for project implementation, engagement and timing for each of the staff members in accordance with project activities, and staff remuneration. The forecasts should be realistic, in line with the experience and level of previous staff salaries proposed for the same or similar positions.


Question 8: Will traineeship grants be considered as “Financial support to third parties”, so an ineligible cost?

Answer 8: Referring to the Guidelines for Applicants, section 2.1.2. Eligibility of Operations, Financial Support to Third Parties, “…Applicants may not provide financial support / sub-granting to third parties…” in any form whatsoever.