Initiatives to be supported through #GivingCircle Albania

#Giving Circle is Partners Albania’s latest initiative to support NPOs who have a concrete idea or initiative to bring about social change in the community but lack the financial means or technical expertise to implement them.

The “Giving Circle” is an event which brings together individuals from different fields, offering their expertise, time and financial resources to support projects/initiatives which bring about a positive and sustainable transformation for specific individuals and communities targeted by the initiatives.

Following the Call for applications from NPOs announced earlier this year, Partners Albania selected three initiatives which will be supported through the #Giving Circle event to be held for the first time in Albania, in December 2018.


“A kindergarten for the children of Blliçe village”

42 children from 3-6 years old, most of whom come from families depending on state financial aid, attend the pre-school education within the premises of the only 9-year school in the village of Blliçe, Peshkopi.
The floor has no tiles, there are no tables or chairs suitable for the children’s body, there are no toys or other didactic tools for child development.
This situation requires immediate intervention to create optimal conditions for children education.
The implementing organization is Vizion OJF, Tirana.





“Together for the people in need”

Over 400 people living in the street or extreme poverty, need meals, health services, psycho-social support, and laundry services, part of which are currently provided by the Soup Kitchen “Service of Love”.

This initiative needs support to expand and improve the quality of services at the Soup Kitchen, contributing to increasing the number of beneficiaries and improving their quality of life.

The implementing organisation is Diakonia Agapes, Tirana.





“Education of Roma and Egyptian children through sport”

Over 30 children of Roma and Egyptian community, from 10-13 years old, are trained and play for the youth soccer championship in Shkodra. This soccer team has created a positive example in the community and promotes a sense of representation for Roma and Egyptian community members, reducing the silent abandonment of school, minimizing bullyism and promoting “fair-play” rules in the field and in life for these children.
These talented kids need support with proper sports equipment and training facilities, to ensure team sustainability.
The implementing organization is the Association for the Protection of Egyptian Community Rights, Shkodra.