Municipal Councils approve Anticorruption Strategic Plans

For more than a year, Partners Albania worked with the Guiding Coalitions and staff in the municipalities of Elbasan, Berat and Fier, to finalize the Anticorruption Strategic Action Plans 2017 – 2019, in the respective municipalities.

After formulation of the vision and strategic objectives, the working groups in each municipality worked for the elaboration of a concrete action plan to be implemented by the municipality in partnership with other stakeholders, to improve the performance of the municipalities in the implementation of the activities identified as most vulnerable to corruption.

The Anticorruption Strategic Action Plan 2017-2019 were approved in March by the Municipal Councils in Berat and Elbasan Municipalities while the Strategic Action Plan of Fier Municipality is under finalization.

Partners Albania work with the municipalities of Elbasan, Berat and Fier  was conducted in the frame of Urban Partnership Program of the World Bank – Austria “Urban Governance / Integrity Building in Southeastern Europe.


Berati Municipal Council decision Download
Elbasan Municipal Council decision Download