Partners Albania announces the “Philanthropy Awards 2016” competition

Partners Albania announces the Philanthropy Awards 2016 competition!

The Philanthropy Awards is an annual event Partners Albania organizes since 2011, to express our gratitude to individuals and business companies who contribute to improving the quality of life in our society. The appreciation and stimulation of this activity is important considering the human and economic dimension it represents.

We invite all social actors in and outside Albania to submit their nominations for individuals or companies who have and continue to give their contribution in benefit of the community and its development in Albania.

Partners Albania encourages to be part of this nomination those individuals and companies who:


  • Show sensibility and contribute to the development of local communities, environmental protection, social and economic development.
  • Support continuously or at least for a period of not less than 12 months, non-profit organizations, institutions, communities, and individuals, in support to a common good.
  • Exercise their activities lawfully and in accordance with ethical standards toward the community, the environment or personnel of their company.
  • Demonstrate clear and measurable results of their contribution given until the time of nomination.
  • Have a local or national geographic coverage in their philanthropic activity.


Categories for nominations for the Philanthropy Award are:

  • Award for Business Entities Contributing at the National Level
  • Award for Business Entities Contributing at the Local Level
  • Award for the Individual Contribution


Companies and individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Nominations will be reviewed by a representative panel of civil society sector, media and institutions supporting the economic and social development in Albania. Awards will be announced at a public event Partners Albania will organize in November 2016.

To submit your nomination please fill in the Philanthropy Award Nomination Form and send it by email to or mail: Partners Albania for Change and Development, Rruga Sulejman Delvina, N.18, H.8, Ap. 12, Njësia Bashkiake 5, Kodi Postar 1022, Tirana, Albania, Kutia Postare (PO Box) 2418/1.

Deadline for submitting nominations is September 30, 2016


Philanthropy Award 2016 Nomination Form Download