Pyetjet më të shpeshta rreth Thirrjes II për Projekt-Propozime-Programi Norvegjez i Shoqërisë Civile për Shqipërinë dhe Kosovën

Partners Albania has opened the 2nd Call for Proposals in the framework of the subgranting scheme of The ‘Civil Society programme for Albania and Kosovo’ is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) in partnership with Partners Albania for Change and Development (PA). Find below some questions and answers regarding this Call.

Question 1

How much is (should be) the project’s grant in this call (minimum and maximum)?

Answer 1

The total proposed budget size of the applications to be financed by this programme must fall between the following thresholds:

Minimum amount: EUR 25,000 (including audit costs)

Maximum amount: EUR 35,000 (including audit costs)

Question 2

Our mission is very broad, whereby we aim to include our network of expertise and task forces of professionals in specific thematic area i.e. environment. Can this present a problem for us to apply in this call?

Answer 2

The application is open to all interested NGOs. To be eligible for full evaluation of proposals, applicants should meet the following mandatory requirements: 1) The mission of the organization is compliant with the thematic area to which the application corresponds; 2) Demonstrate relevant experience in the thematic area; 3) Project proposal is relevant to the thematic area. Evaluation of above listed requirements will be carried out by external Evaluation Board.

Question 3

Is the cooperation with local level (municipalities) considered as multilevel dependency?

Answer 3

The cooperation with the local level (municipalities) is not considered as multilevel dependency. Yet, it depends from the decision making competences in the selected area of work and the involvement of other stakeholders/parties.