Winners of the Green Businesses 2020 National Competition

Partners Albania organized on May 7-8, 2020, the Green Business Competition 2020!

The Green Business Competition is an activity organized by Partners Albania since 2012. It aims to stimulate and encourage innovation for green business ideas at the local level and explores the role of philanthropy in engaging local communities to generate green business ideas that utilize local resources and revitalize disappearing traditional production chains and community-based markets. By supporting innovative, local sustainable economic development initiatives, The Green Business Competition aims to substantively contribute to building a peaceful, competitive, and prosperous Western Balkans and Greece region in line with the seven (7) Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. This year, the organization of the Green Business Competition was supported by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Credins Bank.

Twenty finalists selected from 41 competitors from non-profit organizations, social enterprises, small business ventures, and individuals, presented their business ideas during the two days of the competition.
Presentations of business ideas were evaluated by an independent jury, experts in the area of economy, education, and business development.
This year, the competition supported business ideas in two main LOTs according to their stage of maturity:

LOT 1: Business Ideas at Conceptual Stage
LOT 2: Businesses in Pre-Seed Stage

The winning ideas are:
LOT 1: Business Ideas at Conceptual Stage (3 winners)
1. “Production of handicrafts soaps and natural sponges” presented by the small business “Rinora Handmade”. The idea consists on the production of handicraft soaps and natural sponge “Made in Albania”, by offering to the consumer a handmade and natural product produced from raw materials of our country. It will increase employment opportunities in the rural areas of the city of Berat.

2. “Margjelo Filigran Albania” presented by Aurora Piranej, individual. The idea aims to establisht a social enterprise in the city of Shkodra, that will consist on craft processes of silver with handicraft techniques such as filigree, knitting or crochet in order to produce various decorative objects, souvenirs and jewelry. Also, it aims to increase the skills and employment of women artisans.
3. “Hazelnut oil production” presented by farmer Julvin Marku, an idea that aims to bring to the market this processed product from hazelnut fruit and encourage cooperation with farmers of Gramëz village in the Administrative Unit of Thumanë to cultivate and sell it.
Each of the winning ideas in this lot will be financially supported up to the amount of 500,000 ALL.

LOT 2: Businesses in Pre-Seed Stage (2 winners)
1. “Kroi Mjaltit” presented by the the Physical Person Besart Lama. The idea consists on production and trade of products from apiculture activity such as honey, hoeny bee milk and honeycomb, with an impact even on increasing agriculture yelds in the village of Shullazë, Kurbin. The idea aims to engage and hire the local community in this venture.

2. “Natyra Ime” presented by the Physical Person Jetmira Kajoshi. The idea aims to increase the production of handicraft soaps and completely natural and healthy cosmetic products, promoting the values and nature of our country.
Each of the winning ideas in this lot will be financially supported up to the amount of 800,000 ALL.

Three of the winners, the first two places from LOT 1 and the first place from LOT 2, respectively “Production of handicraft soaps and natural sponges”, “Margjelo Filigran Albania” and “Kroi Mjaltit” will automatically be part of “Balkan Green Ideas 2020” Competition. As part of this regional competition, 21 business ideas from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece will compete for an additional fund if they are awarded regional winners. The regional competition will take place on September 2020.