Standards in the exercising of their activity directly affect the strengthening of CSOs and the improvement of the public image of the sector. The sector’s development stage as well as the decisive role played by CSOs in strengthening democracy, good governance, economic and social development, are associated with increasing their responsibility to beneficiaries and partners and the need for more efficiency and transparency.

This is the focus of the latest initiative implemented by PA, following its two decades of work in the service of the non-profit sector. As part of this program, PA will assist CSOs in raising their work standards as well as in using alternative methods of fundraising, towards greater financial and organizational sustainability.

The 7 local forums organized that brought together about 100 representatives from the organizations across the country, discussed the current standards applied throughout CSOs activity, the challenges to achieve and maintain these standards, and the need for further improvement.

In December, PA will start the sector empowerment program to be followed by tailored individual assistance and mentoring at the organizational level for all CSOs that will express interest in participating.

The “Act for Standards – Building Trust, Accountability and Sustainability in Civil Society Organizations” project is supported by the Public Affairs Office of the United States Embassy in Tirana.