Call for participation in the INNOVATION BOOT CAMPS

Partners Albania for Change and Development, ADP-Zid, and Youth Intellectuals “Hope”, will organize the “Innovation Boot Camps” respectively:

  • In Shkodra for participants from Albania on 11-15 April 2022,
  • In Podgorica for participants from Montenegro on 17-21 April 2022.


Work4Youth Project

This activity takes place within the project “Work4Youth” funded by the European Union through the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Montenegro – Albania 2014-2020, under IPA II, implemented by Partners Albania for Change and Development, the Association for Democratic Prosperity – ZiD, and Young Intellectuals “Hope”.

The project aims to promote employment and strengthen the social inclusion of young people in the cross-border area between Albania and Montenegro (Shkodra Region in Albania and the municipalities of Podgorica, Tuz, and Bar in Montenegro).


  • Improving the youth abilities for developing their own business ideas based on innovative skills, new competences and knowledge.
  • Increasing opportunities for support to start-up businesses of young people involved in the project.
  • Increasing support to young entrepreneurs and self-employment through local policies and financial incentives.


Innovation Boot Camp

“Innovation Boot Camp” is a 5-day program, with a focus on building practical skills of young people selected through the application process, who will intensively receive knowledge and information by being able to engage in entrepreneurial and business activities through the use of approaches and innovative technologies.

The program will cover all participation costs (accommodation, meals, and travel cost – public transport).


Innovation Boot Camp Activities

During the activity days, beyond the development of technical knowledge, support and mentoring (leadership, consulting, orientation) will be provided by experts in the field of business management and development, helping participants in preparing a business plan which can be further supported as a “start-up”.



Applicants must have knowledge of English language, as the program provides cross-border activities with young people and other actors from Albania and Montenegro.



  • The application is open to all young people (aged 18-30) from Shkodra Region, municipalities of Tuz, Bar, and Podgorica, who have a business idea and want to develop it.
  • Participants from rural areas, young people with special needs, girls, minorities or young people from other disadvantaged groups are encouraged to apply.
  • Participants individually or in groups (teams) must present their idea of starting a business in the application form.


Participation Benefits

At the end of the application process, around 60 youngsters from Shkodra Region, municipalities of Tuz, Bar, and Podgorica, aged 18-30, who are willing to serve as development promoters for their local communities, will be selected to participate in the Innovation Boot Camp.

At the end of the 5-day program of the Innovation Boot camp, the jury formed by experts in the field of entrepreneurship and local businesses, will select eight (8) winning ideas from each Camp, which will continue to be supported and promoted by the project until finding opportunities for funding, mentoring, development, etc.


Application Process

All applications must be submitted through the Dua Partners Invest platform at the this link

Follow these steps:

Step 1.  If you have previously created an account in Dua Partner Invest, sign in with your email and password. If not, create an account by adding your email address where it says: Add address.

Step 2.  You will receive an automatic email asking you to verify it. (Please check the Spam folder in case you don’t receive it). After clicking the verification link, you will be prompted to a page requiring a password for your account, first and last name. Then, you will be re-directed to the initial page, where you can sign in with the email and password set by you.

Step 3. In the user dashboard that appears, find in the list the INNOVATION BOOT CAMP opportunity, open it and click Apply Now.

Step 4. You will need to fill in the 6 fields listed below that are general data required:

  • First Last Name *
  • Email *
  • Phone *
  • Title of your business idea *
  • Municipality, country *
  • The economy sector where the idea contributes (ICT, Tourism, Agro-business, etc.) *

Step 5. Download the application form in the language of your choice, fill it accordingly, save a copy for yourself on the computer, and then upload the completed application form.

Step 6. If you are not ready to submit the application yet, you can Save Draft. Otherwise, click Submit.

*Careful: Once you have submitted the application, you cannot access or change it. Applications without the uploaded completed application form will be disqualified.


The language for submitting the application:

  • For applicants from Albania: In Albanian or English language
  • For applicants from Montenegro: In Montenegrin or English language


Important!!!  The deadline for submitting applications for Innovation Boot Camps is 4 April, at 15:00.



The project will organize orientation sessions regarding the process and application procedures, according the following calendar:

For Albania

16 March Hotel Rozafa, Shkodër 10:00 – 12:00
17 March Youth Center, Pukë 13:30 – 15:30
18 March Municipality, Malësi e Madhe 10:00 – 12:00

For Montenegro

23 March Tuzi TBC
25 March Podgorica TBC
30 March Hybrid event TBC

If you are interested to participate in one of the INFO-SESSIONS, confirm your participation for the date and the respective municipality until 13 March, at 17:00, at the email addresses:

For applicants from Albania:  and

For applicants from Montenegro: and


The deadline for submitting applications for Innovation Boot Camps is 4 April 2022.