Causes that will be supported through the second #GivingCircle event in Albania

Partners Albania will organize the second Live crowdfunding event #GivingCircle, in support of three causes that will bring social change to the target communities.

We presented #GivingCircleAlbania in 2018, the first LIVE crowdfunding auction that brought together representatives from the business sector, donor community, civil society, media, art, etc., who provided financial and material support to improve the environment of the kindergarten in the village of Blliçe in northern Albania, the continuation of services for children with Down Syndrome and special needs, and the children’s football team from the Roma and Egyptian communities in Shkodër. The total amount collected of 1,885,874 Lekë exceeded almost twice the set target, confirming once again the civic awareness and sensitivity to social causes and groups in need.

The #GivingCircle event that will take place on June 24, 2021, will bring together individuals from different fields who will contribute their expertise, time, financial resources but not only, in support of the following causes selected through an application process.

Little steps

Little steps aim to improve the livelihood of the children of the “Lana Bregas” community in Tirana, by developing a playground in fulfillment of their right to have fun and to have a happy childhood.

Over 126 children in this community spend the day at the premises that offer no entertainment opportunities, so often some of them, even unaccompanied by their parents, leave, to spend time in playgrounds with long distances. This poses a potential risk, as children may be potentially abused by strangers.

The initiative will enable the entertainment of children but will also affect the awareness of parents on the importance of involving children in entertainment activities, important not only for their social development but above all as a legitimate right of them, despite the living conditions in a community of extreme poverty.

The implementing organization of the initiative is the Nisma për Ndryshim Shoqëror ARSIS. You can support the initiative by donating to the account number (in ALL) as follows.

Account name: Shoq nisma per ndryshim shoq (arsis)
Bank: Banka Kombëtare Tregtare
IBAN: AL6820511667000304CLTJCLALLV


Thumana Multifunctional Center

Thumana is one of the most affected areas by the earthquake of November 26, 2019. The loss of lives of residents of this community, destroyed and damaged residential buildings, schools, and other institutions were its immediate consequences.

The need for psychological and social services is still high, especially for families with children and young people, for the sake of trauma and fear of such natural disasters.

Thumana Multifunctional Center started its activity in May 2020 in response to the needs of the community and aims to revitalize their social life by providing a suitable environment where children and young people spend time, socialize and integrate. The Center offers study facilities, a playground, and an internet corner for about 80 children and youngsters. Being the only Center in the area, through the required support it aims to expand social activities and turn them into sustainable services with a long-term impact.

The implementing organization of the initiative is Vizion i Ri. You can support the initiative by donating to the account number (in ALL) as follows.

Account name: Shoqata “Vizioni i ri 2016”, Tirana
Bank: Intesa San Paolo Bank
IBAN: AL65208110080000010780231802


The Study Corner

The Study Corner aims to provide suitable study facilities for children who live in families with unfavorable economic conditions, in the Tufina area in Tirana.

Due to the overlapping problematic situations of these families, the priority need is securing food, so children’s education shifts from basic priorities resulting in irregular attendance and in most extreme cases dropping out.

This initiative will support 14 families which have 3 to 5 children, with a study corner in their homes and the needed school supplies for children, thus enabling the basic but appropriate conditions for these children to prepare for school. Also, a common study corner in the premises of the Bridge Center will serve dozens of other children in need.

The implementing organization of the initiative is Tek Ura. You can support the initiative by donating to the account number (in ALL) as follows.

Account name: Qendra Tek Ura
Bank: Union Bank
IBAN: AL37214111750197501917440111

Let us all unite in support of these three causes aiming at a positive and sustainable transformation for individuals, specific communities, and the entire society!