Dua Partner Invest platform

Partners Albania is delighted to share with you the latest exciting opportunity in the startup development field named Dua Partner Invest platform. The platform is an endeavor of Partners Albania for Change and Development, an organization supporting start-up development and its ecosystem. Many years of contribution in the start-up ecosystem build-up to this platform which intends to offer a fully-fledged package of services ranging from seed funding and mentoring to exposure towards international markets and partnerships.

Dua Partner Invest will bring together start-ups from Western Balkans, looking for funding opportunities, with investors (companies, VC funds, donors, impact investment) in search of competitive business ideas and consultants with diverse expertise in the start-up sector.

The platform encompasses several benefits for all its members targeted:

  • Insider access to start-ups: Dua Partner Invest will provide a database of innovative start-ups from the Western Balkan region. This is a good chance if you want to promote events, calls, news and access a pool of potential beneficiaries or clients.
  • Investment in enthusiast start-ups: Use the community of the platform to invest capital in start-ups established by visionary entrepreneurs.
  • Support promising start-ups: Dua Partner Invest provides an opportunity for businesses and donors to make a social impact with their funding through a diverse community of start-ups. 
  • Provision of mentoring to start-ups: For all startups’ enthusiast experts, this is an opportunity to provide their valuable expertise to move forward creative ideas and make them ready to penetrate the market. 
  • Promotion of members: Dua Partner Invest provides a space to promote members’ work to a pool of potential clients and beneficiaries through diverse communication at Regional and European levels. It will recognize best practices and achievements in the field by promoting the most active and innovative investors. 
  • Be part of the start-up ecosystem: Members can build relationships among the community of entrepreneurs, investors, and experts and explore opportunities together. Dua Partner Invest will provide this community information on the latest developments of the ecosystem as well as notifications about the newest funding opportunities and events. 
  • Free membership: Being part of Dua Partner Invest in any of the three categories is free of charge.

We invite all of you to share this opportunity with startups, consultants, and investors who want to benefit and contribute at the same time to the start-up ecosystem.

If you need further information, please navigate the platform www.duapartnerinvest.com and contact info@duapartnerinvest.com or tel: + 355 4 2254881.