New Opportunity: Call for Participants in the “WB SEA Social Economy LAB”

The ‘Western Balkans Youth Social Economy Alliance’ (WB SEA) project where Partners Albania is one of the partner organizations, launches this Call for participants in the “WB SEA Social Economy LAB”.

The aim of the WB SEA project is the creation of a favorable environment for incorporating the social economy in youth policies and youth work practices in the WB region while fostering networking and thematic cooperation. Project partners are ADP-Zid (Montenegro), Diesis Network (Belgium), Partners Albania (Albania), CDP Globus (Bosnia and Herzegovina), COSV (Italy), Lens(Kosovo*), Arno (North Macedonia), and Young Ambassadors (Serbia). The project is funded by the European Union, through the Erasmus + programme.

The WB SEA lab is the concept emerging from the project of the same name, which would embody the unique roadmap towards establishing a network of changemakers in the SE field, that would contribute to the supporting environment for the young social entrepreneurs and social innovators. The participants of the program would become SE facilitators equipped with knowledge and skills to work at the local level with youngsters from their community in considering the social economy as one of the tools for them to make a difference in their community and for their social and economic integration.

We invite all youth workers, NGO practitioners, Social Economy actors and enthusiasts, and youth leaders to apply for participating in the WB SEA Social Economy LAB. We also welcome people who already have experience in international youth work through Erasmus+, and especially those experienced in the field of Social Economy.


Application criteria

Applicants should:

  • Come from the project participating countries;
  • Have an interest in (further) getting involved in the actions of the WB SEA;
  • Have basic knowledge regarding the social economy, greater experience would be an asset;
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be able to communicate in English;
  • Be devoted to being part of the three stages of the lab;
  • Have the potential and need to develop their competencies in youth work in the area of social economy and social innovation;
  • Show initiative and willingness to self-direct their own learning process;
  • Be prepared to reflect on and question their own beliefs and approaches as future SE Facilitators.

The participants will receive at the end of the program a Youthpass certificate.

Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the project.


Application process 

All interested applicants from Albania should send their applications no later than 10 March 2022. The application should consist of the completed Application Form (download below) and the Curriculum Vitae sent by email at The Application Form should be downloaded, filled in with your information, and should be sent by email as a PDF file.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Application Form Download
Information about the program Download