PA continues the participatory budgeting in central government initiative

Since two years, Partners Albania is implementing an initiative that aims to increase the participation of CSOs and interest groups in the process of participatory budgeting in central government.

In April 2016 Partners Albania organized several round-tables with 30 representatives of civil society organizations to discuss priority issues that will influence the medium-term budgetary program 2016-2018 of the Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. These workshops were followed by series of consultative meetings with representatives of relevant ministries and the Ministry of Finance to introduce and discuss the priority issues identified.

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Aiming to develop CSOs advocacy skills to be successful in influencing the budgets of the respective Ministries in favor of the interest of their groups of interest, on 19 and 22 July 2016 PA conducted two training sessions on issues related to “Medium-term budgetary program 2016-2018” and “Sectorial guides of  the Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth”. The training sessions were conducted by experts from Partners Albania and Prof. Dr. Arben Malaj.

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This pilot initiative is implemented by Partners Albania with the support of Olof Palme International Center and the Open Society Foundation for Albania.