Addressed to:

Mr. Erjon Braçe, Vice Prime minister of Albania

Ms. Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister, Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Ms. Anila Denaj, Minister, Ministry of Finances and Economy

Ms. Eduard Shalsi, State Minister of State for Protection of Entrepreneurship

Mr. Petrit Vasili, Chair of Committee on Work, Social Issues and Health

Mr. Ulsi Manja, Chair of Committee on Legal Affairs, Public Administration and Human Rights

Mr. Arben Ahmetaj, Chair of Committee on Economy and Finance

Mr. Niko Peleshi, Chair of Committee on Production Activities, Trade, and Environment

Mr. Mario Mariani, Head of Cooperation, Delegation of European Union in Tirana Representatives of donor institutions,

Members of donor – civil society Roundtable


As representatives of civil society organizations contributing to the social enterprises’ sector, we recognize as of utmost importance the role of this sector in the mitigation of social problems, economic development and advancement of innovative entrepreneurship processes in the country.

Through acknowledging the importance of social enterprises’ sector, European Union is focused in the creation of an enabling legal, financial and operative environment for social enterprises in accordance with the agreed principles of the Strasbourg Declaration of January 2014.

European Commission insists on removing barriers and expand the funding opportunities considered very significant for the development of social enterprises. As part of the steps Albania is making on its path toward EU membership; the government has approved the Law No. 65/2016 “For Social Enterprises in the Republic of Albania” and the bylaws three years ago. The development of social enterprises is defined as a priority in the Roadmap for Drafting Policy and Measures for an Enabling Environment for Civil Society 2018-2022, which constitutes the main strategic document for the sector’ progress. The Roadmap recognizes the need of establishing an enabling fiscal environment for social enterprises, as well as the legal changes in the field of financing, public & social procurement and social services licensing.

Taking into consideration the substantial influence of social entrepreneurship in the creation of a cohesive, dynamic and sustainable market economy, as well as the importance that the government has given to social enterprises as a model, which could contribute to the employment of marginalized groups, we consider that there are several key issues that should be addressed in order to ensure the effective implementation of the legal framework.

For these reasons we propose:

  • Completion of the legal framework “On Social Enterprises in Albania” through including not only non-profit organizations, but also other existing legal forms that function according to the key principles of social entrepreneurship;
  • Provision of fiscal incentives enabling social enterprises to contribute in a sustainable way to their social mission;
  • Creation of funding opportunities besides the approved fund for the support of social enterprises;
  • Inclusion of social procurement as part of public procurement based on European best practices, as a direct opportunity of supporting services and goods provided by social enterprises;
  • Revision of restrictive conditions related to economic and social criteria concerning social enterprises’ activity.

As an expression of our commitment to contribute for the public benefit and our willingness to collaborate with public institutions combining the efforts to complement and advance the legal framework, we propose the establishment of a joint ad-hoc group to address the aforementioned issues.

We believe that a legal framework closer to the developmental needs of the sector in Albania and principles of social enterprises, would bring long-term growth in the economic and social aspects of the country.


ACLI-IPSIA në Shqipëri


Albania Community Assist

Albanian Consumer Center

Albanian Disability Rights Foundation

Beyond Barriers


CODE Partners -Youth Center Arka

Counseling Line for Men and Boys

Counseling Line for Women and Girls

Design by Pana

Dorcas Aid International Albania

Down Syndrome Albania


Environmental Center for Development Education and Networking (EDEN)

Forumi i Zhvillimit të Zonave Malore Diber

Gender Alliance for Development Center

Gjirokastra Foundation

Help for Life

Help for Children Foundation

Jonathan Center

Konsorcium Pro Përmet

Lidia Foundation Albania

“MARY POTTER” Palliative Care Center

New York – Tirana Bagels

Organizata “Dimension Human” Shkoder

Organizata “Moda Konfeksion ne sherbim të Gruas”

Partners Albania for Change and Development

Partners for Children

Qendra Alpe

Qendra për zhvillim komunitar SOT PER TE ARDHMEN

Qendra Sociale në Ndihmë të Njerëzve në Nevojë Fushë Arrëz (QSNNN)


Roma Active Albania

Ryder Albania

Shoqata “Gruaja drejt Integrimit”, Puke

Shoqata “Miqësi dhe Bashkëpunim me Europën”

Shoqata “Misionarët e të Drejtave Sociale”, Kuçovë

Shoqata “Njerëzit të Parët”, Fier

Shoqata CIOFF seksioni kombëtar shqiptar

Shoqata e Invalidëve të Punës e Shqipërisë

Shoqata e Përfitimit Fizik Korçë

Shoqata e Zhvillimit të Burimeve Natyrore Paper- Elbasan

Shoqata Mbrojtja e të Drejtave të Personave me Aftësi të Kufizuara (MEDPAK)

Shoqata Multifunksionale për Kulturë, Edukim dhe Zhvillim

Social Contract Institute

The Door

Tirana Legal Aid Society

Tjetër Vizion

Voice of Roma in Albania

Women in Public Service organization

Women’s Democracy Network (WDN)

World Vision Albania & Kosovo

Yunus Social Business Balkans