Partners Albania believe that entrepreneurship is one of the key and most effective active labour market policies that can be utilized to address the high level of youth unemployment. Supporting youngsters to start their own business ventures is an effective mechanism to by-pass the challenges of getting an entry-level position in the market.

Our newest initiative in this regard aims to contribute to increased employability and fostered social inclusion among young people in the cross-border area Albania – Montenegro. It will have a specific focus on creating an enabling environment for the community of young entrepreneurs in the cross-border area committed to starting their own business (Shkodra region in Albania, and municipalities of Podgorica, Tuz, and Bari in Montenegro).

Using a participatory approach that involves the participation of youngsters, local authorities, public institutions, universities and schools, and private companies, we will work to create a group of skilled and motivated young people in the cross-border area, ready to start their own enterprise and to create employment opportunities for other youngsters.

A series of activities to be conducted in two years include Research in outsourcing of jobs that can become a business opportunity and problems that are slowing down the progress in micro-enterprises that could be solved through new services and businesses; Innovation Boot Camps and Individual training program, joint cross-border cooperation forums, policy documents etc.

These activities are expected to achieve: Improved youth abilities for developing their own business ideas based on innovative skills, new competencies and knowledge; Increased opportunities for support to start-up businesses of young people in the target area; Increased support to young entrepreneurs and self-employment through local policies and incentives.

The initiative is implemented by Partners Albania for Change and Development, in partnership with Association for Democratic Prosperity – Zid in Montenegro and Intelektualet e Rinj, Shprese in Shkodër, Albania. The initiative is funded by the European Union through Cross Border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Albania 2014-2020 under the IPA II.

Factsheet on the Work4Youth Initiative Download