Partners Albania provides fee-for-services with regards to learning, knowledge-sharing, institutional capacity-building, dialogue and process facilitation, and thematic discussions, segmented to the business, donor institutions, and the nonprofit sector.

We offer an innovative approach to the design and delivery of capacity building programs, focusing on the application of learning through customized in-person meetings and/or online solutions powered by new technologies, to assure the delivery of practical workshops, activities, simulation scenarios, ensuring a long-lasting impact of our services.

PA sustainability of fee-for-services has been based on gaining a thorough understanding of each client’s business needs, work environment, competency framework, and then tailoring the intervention to meet those needs and achieve immediate, sustainable, and measurable outcomes.

In addition, Partners Albania offers a 45 m2 meeting room equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out various events such as training, workshops, conferences, etc. It can be adapted to different settings (Cocktail, Classroom, Theater, Round Table, etc.) according to the type of event and the number of participants.